Business Development

In the grand scheme of things, business development is a relatively young term, but its not a new process; any trader or business since the dawn of time has had to 'market' their goods or services and marketing is now a huge focus within the process which we now call Business Development. 'Biz Dev', as its often refered to by industry insiders, doesn't stop with marketing, of course and it entails many tasks and which develop and implement growth opportunities for organizations, often including streamlining internal processes.

Reputation building and brand recognition processes have been proven to help facilitate business growth and development, thus you can start to see how Consultancy HQ's departments start to fit together for the benefit of our Clients!

Business development is generally thought of as a sales and marketing tactic, but other objectives should encompass branding, expansion into new markets, new user acquisition, and brand awareness. A sometimes forgotten function of business development is to utilize new and existing partners in selling to the right customers and acquiring from strong suppliers.

Directly employing a Business Development Manager within your staff is usually much more costly and often less effective than outsourcing your business development functions to an experienced, professional organization such as Consultancy HQ. 

Talk to us today to see how we can help you to effectively develop your business across its functions.